Kettle Corn Corn Cob Cellulose Fiber Aroma Sachet

Kettle Corn Corn Cob Cellulose Fiber Sachet Fragrance

Kettle Corn -- Dating all the way back to colonial America, kettle corn has been enormously popular for its perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness. Best Seller!!

All fragrances will be added but if you do not see the fragrance listed you want just let us know.

Cellulose fiber chips are used to absorb fragrance oils and then slowly release them over time. Great for aroma sachet bags.

Put them in a sunny window for an even stronger fragrance release!

You will get (1) one sachet filled with Crushed Corn Cob packaged in a 3" x 4" organza bag and then in a cellophane bag to retain the freshness.Would make a great gift package.

There are many uses for aroma beads:

kitty litter boxes
potpourri dishes
vacuum cleaner
floral arrangements
filler for stuffed animals
glass containers
wedding favors
baby showers
gym bags
car air freshners and so much more...
place the bag in a decorative dish or flat candle holder and leave it in your room of choice.

Never Lay Bag Directly On Wood, Painted Surfaces or Plastics!!

Refresher oil is available sold seperately:

All of our sachet bags are made to order so please allow 3-5 days for shipping. We always strive to make sure you are getting fresh made beads and like to allow it the proper time to cure and dry before shipping

"International orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail and customers are responsible for any customs and duty fees they may incur."

• Do not set these sachets on wood surfaces as the oils can stain the wood!
• Do not set them on painted surfaces or plastic surfaces as the oils can damage these surfaces
• Do not use in a tart warmer or potpourri burner as the beads can melt!
• Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
•To refresh your sachet, simply add a few drops of refresher oil ( Sold Seperately) to the filling in the sachet.

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Kettle Corn Corn Cob Cellulose fiber Sachet Air Freshner Fragrance
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